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Having something inspirational in this blog is a must in the overall scheme of things.  I am committed to providing encouragement and inspiration to others as I pursue my own happiness in life.  I hope you enjoy this short stories and quotes.  

Paid In Full

When I was a little girl a young boy came to the door after school on day selling some kind of salve. He explained that his father had been killed in the war and he was trying to earn money to help his mother buy food and pay bills.

My mom had a couple of apple pies sitting on the counter hot out the oven. Dinner was ready and we were just waiting for my father to get home so we could eat.  The boy was so hungry and wanted to ask for food so badly but was ashamed.   He looked so tired and hungry my mom asked him if he’d like to stay for dinner.  He said he sure was hungry but he had to try to sell some salve before it got dark.  My mom bought a container of salve and wrapped a big slice of pie for him to take with him.  We never did see him again.

About 20 years later my mom was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.  The surgeon was going over the patient’s chart the following morning and noticed the name of the patient.  He inquired if it was Mrs. Martin from 1012 Church Street, Leesburg.  The nurse confirmed the name and address.  The doctor asked to have the full bill for the patient’s surgery brought to him when it was prepared.  The bill was delivered to him the next day.  He folded everything nicely, placed it in an envelope, wrote a note on the front and asked that it be delivered to the patient.

The patient, Mrs. Martin, accepted the envelope but didn’t want to open it wondering how she would ever be able to pay.  She noticed the writing on the bottom left corner and put her glasses on to read.  The note read “Paid In Full With One Slice Of Pie”.


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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou