About Us

Hello everybody!  Here’s just a little about me and how my blog got started.

My childhood years and upbringing took place along the Gulf Coast between Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi, USA. My husband was in the Air Force, we married young and had two beautiful girls.  We always traveled together as a family, as much as possible, to several different locations in the USA and abroad.

I’m over 50 now and they say that qualifies me to be a senior citizen but somehow that label just doesn’t fit me.  These days I’m a proud grandmother and my husband is deceased. I walk 3 miles 4 times a week and stay active doing some of the things I enjoy.

I am a former Residential Real Estate Sales and Property Management Executive, and a former radio host of “The Marketing Workshop” based in Philadelphia, PA. The workshop provided marketing resources and ideas geared toward assisting business owners and entrepreneurs with name and brand recognition.

My professions also included distributor of  Advertising Specialties and Promotional Products and Ideas.

The entrepreneurial spirit is a part of who I am.  I have had a few businesses that did not provide the income I needed so I worked the proverbial 9 to 5 to pay the bills like most of us. I paid someone to build my first business website and paid him again every time I needed updates and changes. That’s when we thought the fax machine was just the greatest thing we’d ever seen for the office.

Through networking I soon I discovered I could build my own website with Frontpage.  My mentality is if anyone can do it I can do it too. (Within reason of course)  So I purchased Microsoft Frontpage and dove right in and for the first time built my own website.  Of course as administrator I made updates and changes for myself as needed and more frequently than before.  I felt so proud and  did not need to pay someone else to give me attitude when I asked questions about things.

So as not to bore anyone with my whole life story, fast forward to retirement.  My husband and I retired having had a successful Real Estate firm and an Advertising Specialties and Promotional Products distributorship.  Unfortunately, after retirement my husband became ill and eventually passed away.  In the meantime we sold our investment properties and used most of our retirement resources to cover medical bills.

I’ve come full circle wanting and needing to be an entrepreneur again.  I dabbled with first one thing then the other, but still felt like I was wasting time and not making any progress.

In February, 2018 I joined Wealthy Affiliate for the free trial.  I found a community of great people extremely knowledgeable and always willing to assist wherever and whenever I needed help with any subject.  The training is phenomenal. It is all inclusive and comprehensive for training and setting up an online business.

I love their moto of paying it forward.  It made me feel so good when others paid it forward to help me but even better when I was able to help someone else.   I feel confident and ready to write meaningful content and information to help others.  I also get to create and provide inspiration and encouragement for others without a boss telling me I can’t.

Just to reiterate, I made a great decision joining Wealthy Affiliate.  I am now able to have my blog, work at my writing, and participate in discussions and forums with other entrepreneurs and business owners all around the world. As icing on the cake, I can make money doing something I enjoy thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope you find something useful in this blog, and please feel free to leave comments and questions.