This post today is about how to exercise your brain and enjoy a better life.  How does one exercise their mind you say?  Through practice and conscious effort, you can increase the function and performance of your brain. Many of us have become physically sluggish and our brains have grown flabby along with the rest of the body.  We have become much too comfortable depending on technology, playing video games and watching too much television. Following is a simple game plan to re-energize your brain.


  • Practice brain memory games and exercises

  • Try something different / have new experiences

  • Eat brain food, sleep and get moving

  • Substitute your brain for technology

  • Stop whining and complaining


Do brain memory games and exercises

When the brain is not exercised and challenged regularly it grows lazy and memory becomes slow and fuzzy.  With a little training you will be able to energize your brain and sharpen your memory.

Most of us have memories of learning to skate or ride a bike for the first time.  You didn’t give up after one try, you had to practice and improve until you got it right.  But if you don’t skate for awhile you get rusty. You didn’t forget how but you won’t be as good as you were until you put in some practice again.

That might be over simplifying it.  But if you don’t exercise your memory it gets rusty too.  You have to start practicing your memory and using your mind more in order to make it sharp and quick again.  Watch the video at the end of this article.



Exercise your brain and enjoy a better life.


Our smart phones and today’s technology encourages a lazy brain.  We don’t have to remember anyone’s phone number, address or any of the things we used to commit to memory.  So there’s a place to start. Memorize your family members and friends phone numbers and street addresses.  Memorize things like your license plate number, passport and checking account numbers.  Look up a new word every day.  Memorize the meaning and spelling and use it in a sentence ten times within 24 hours.

Click the link at the bottom to review a good book of puzzles and trivia challenges especially designed to keep your brain young.  Once you’ve gotten a good start with those simple things, read a good book from cover to cover.  Invest a little time in yourself, watch some motivational self-help videos. If you must watch television, watch at least one game show where you have to be quick and exercise your memory.


Try Something Different / Have New Experiences

You probably have the same routine every day if you’re like most of us.  There’s nothing wrong with that, it helps keep our lives in some kind of order.  But when you become depressed it’s time for a change.  Start  when you get up one morning.  Wear something different, something risky. Change your hair style.  Go to a different restaurant and try something new on the menu.  Say hello how are you to someone you normally ignore.   See new scenery by driving someplace different.  Go several miles away in a different direction from where you normally drive.

I always go for the safe rides and attractions at amusement parks.  So for my birthday one year my granddaughter took me up in a hot air balloon ride.  My granddaughter knew I would never have made those arrangements for myself.  She gave me a little push to have a new and exciting experience and adventure.


Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon

We had a great aerial view of what goes on from one neighborhood to another.  The balloon operator flew over beautiful homes with swimming pools. Then he took us over a section of the national park.  One man yelled up at us and fired his gun two times.  The balloon operator assured us before we arrived there that the old man would do that.  He said he would not be firing at us but just getting attention.

That one event was lots of fun and exhilarating to my brain.   My brain sent signals to the rest of my body and I loved the feeling. For the rest of the day I felt great and more alive.  I wanted to find more fun things to do because of that good feeling.  So the point is to just try something different to get stirred up.  Do one thing differently each day.  If that is too much, do something different once a week. Please also review “How to be successful in life – free training and instruction”.


Eat Food That Feed Your Brain

Please don’t get angry with me ladies, but as a rule we don’t know as much about cars as men.  However, we do understand 

Feed your mind
Salmon for brain food

OILY FISH / SALMON – The fact is our bodies cannot produce the essential fatty acids and must get them through our diets. Oily fish is said to be the best source of effective omega-3 fats. A few others are trout, mackerel, and sardines.

Also the oils in walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and flax seed are good sources for omega-3 fatty acid. These foods, among others, are good for a healthy brain and great for the heart and joints.


ORGANIC EGGS – Eggs, fish, chicken and leafy greens are foods rich in Vitamin B.
The results of a 2 year study done with elderly patients who had mild impairment were very promising.  The patients were given high doses of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 and folic acid.  After the two years the group given the supplements had a lot less brain shrinkage than the group given the placebo.

WHOLE GRAINS – Like every other part of your body, the brain cannot work without energy. The body must have a steady supply of glucose in our blood going  to the brain.  This type of energy can come from whole grains which helps by releasing glucose slowly into the bloodstream.

TOMATOES –  Tomatoes are shown to have lycopene, a powerful antioxidant.  Studies show lycopene in tomatoes might help protect against damage to cells that show up in the development of dementia.

BLUEBERRIES & CURRANTS – There is evidence that blueberries may be effective when it comes to delaying or improving the declining of short term memory.  There are many varieties of blueberries which are very readily available.  Their health benefits are mainly antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables.



How to feed your mind to have a better life.


Use Your Brain Instead Of Technology

Technology such as smartphones, watches, and search engines are removing the need for humans to think.  So as a human race we are getting dumber.  We no longer have to know math or remember numbers and information. Our electronic devices have become our intelligence.

But imagine if you were lost in the middle of nowhere because your GPS didn’t work.  You think okay no problem, I’ll just use MapQuest or Google Maps app on my smart phone.  But to your dismay your smart phone has lost the signal.   Even if you do manage to find a map book in your trunk would you even know how to read it?

We depend too much on technology even knowing its not always dependable. All in all technology is good and it makes life easier most of the time.  But we as human beings should always be learning and maintaining.




Stop Whining And Complaining

We all have someone around us who whines and complains all the time.  It’s so annoying when children whine to get their way, but how does it make you feel when a big grown up person does it?  I’m a warm and fuzzy empathetic person but please let’s discuss the problem as adults and find a solution.  Whining is not allowed in my family for anyone above the age of two. I prefer teaching children to speak up and say what’s bothering them without the whining.


Anyone can just keep complaining about their situation and circumstances all the time.  Go ahead and make yourself a victim like everybody else if you insist.  You’ll become depressed, bitter and angry, and stay stuck in your stuff.  Life will be sad.  Anybody can do that.  But you want to be different, better.  You want to exercise your brain and keep it sharp.

IN CONCLUSION – Keep your body and your mind healthy. Take responsibility for your own life and stop blaming everyone else.  You’re not the only one with a sob story, everybody has one. If you don’t like your situation, change it.

Keep feeding your mind and always keep learning.  It will serve you well.  Look in the mirror several times each day and talk to the person staring back at you.  Remind yourself that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Go outside at night at least once a week when the sky is clear.  Look up at the awesomeness that surrounds the earth we live on.  Imagine you (man) having been given dominion over every other living thing here.

Your creator thought of you as something special.  So keep exercising your brain and stay equipped to do what you have been charged to do.  Yes to the world you are just one person, but to one person you could be the world.

Your comments and questions are always appreciated.


Until next time, please remember to encourage someone each day!


Vanna Pearl





12 thoughts on “HOW TO EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN And Enjoy A Better Life

  1. It’s nice to find out that omega-3 fats have this sort of effect on the brain, I take them with magnesium and Vitamin B every day for running purposes, but I had no idea about the brain link. 

    As far as brain training games – what apps would you recommend for this? Is there one popular app that stands out and is the most effective?

    1. Chris thank you for your comments on How to Exercise Your Brain and Enjoy A Better Life.  You are definitely on the right track using the supplements.

      As for a good app specifically for braining training games, that is not my area of expertise.  I don’t know if there is an app, but there is a never ending supply of games and exercises in group games and in books and videos for individuals.  I hope these two links are helpful.

      V. Pearl

  2. Wow very interesting article. I was have a dollard brain in my early Secondary school , that was when i can not make proper use of my brain, at a some point , i asked myself those who pass exam brilliantly, are they brought it from heaven? this question challenge me and i dont know that i have such raw tallent, as i boosted my brain bring up my uncovered tallent, so after spent 4 years in secondary school , then i dicovered that i am a brilliant students, this gave me an ability to read and read every time, and i was able to put my dollard brian behind me.

    So will lot of practices and do things day by day the brain will catch up and make the person become an expert. Also with one of the example you sited, when i was learning bicycle , it took me 3 month before i get it done totlally and i was disturbing myself nearly every day to practice bicycle riding but today i am an expert in bicycle riding. if we are not able to make use of our brain , its become worse and worsen. Thank you for this great information.

    1. Hello Adebayo,

      Thank you for your comments on  HOW TO EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN And Enjoy A Better Life. I’m glad things got better for you to help you know that you had intelligence inside of you as well as the others did.  Sometimes something as simple as technique makes all the difference.  

      I believe you understood the points I attempted to make about regular use of our brain instead of relying too much on technology.  

      I wish you much success.

      V. Pearl

  3. Hello there,

    right of the bat I want to tell You that the headline of this article sounds so catchy and interesting, haha! As far excersing Your brain goes, I was very pleased to discover new ways to train my brain and improve its functionality! I’ve learned a lot of new things today. I didn’t know that foods such as whole grain supplies our blood with glucose to produce energy! It was also interesting learning about different memory games and excercises. It’s so true that smartphones encourage us to use less and less of our memory to remember things. I will definitely follow Your recommendation to play some puzzle games and do some trivia challenges, as well as use my memory to remember adresses and phone numbers. Thanks for such interesting and informative article, I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the great work 😉

    1. Hi Evald,

      You were very thorough in your comments about the article ” HOW TO EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN And Enjoy A Better Life“.  

      The exercises are really not at all difficult.  You can just start with remembering things you use.  Things like your license plate number, your checking account, one of your credit cards, friends and family members phone numbers. and remember peoples addresses together with knowing how to get there.  

      I’m glad you found the information helpful and I appreciate your comments.

      All the best to you,

      V. Pearl

  4. Violators Will Be Bitch Slapped…

    Possibly the best line i have read this week!

    This is a great post with great content.

    I have a few friends who’s minds stopped functioning a while back and i should send them this post.

    I enjoyed the combination of mind activity, healthy food and moving away from technology.

    I kinda feel sorry for the present generations. As kids my staircase was Mount Everest and the dining Table with a white sheet across it was the base camp.

    We had imagination…

    Until my mom got mad with us for ruining the table cloths…

    The book looks fun!


    1. Hi Tim,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the comment about the No Whining Zone.  Personally I understand why some people whine so much but I know there’s a better way and that’s what I promote.

      As I think back, my siblings and I had to be use our imagination and be creative.  So we did things like making toys out of anything that worked and involving a lot of make believe people. 

      I’m happy for all the technological advances we’ve made.  However, we still have to consciously incorporate the raw activity of our brain together with technology.

      Thank you for your comments.

      V. Pearl

  5. Thank you for bringing attention to this. It is amazing how once simple concepts are difficult for people to grasp in this “advanced age of technology”. We “fast food” feed our brains with whatever is quickly available and leave the “good food” off to one side (and we even go to the extent of feeding our brains “junk food”…).

    I use a word scramble puzzle for my daily brain exercise session, and I am impressed at how many words I have added to my vocabulary since I started almost a year ago. It is an app on my phone so I don’t escape technology completely with it. 🙂

    People often focus on muscles, and make sure that they eat right, and exercise right, to keep them strong and healthy. Thank you for encouraging people to do the same with their brain. Sadly, just as with muscles, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

    1. Hi Mitchguy,

      Your comments appear to be from a thorough critique of this article.  I appreciate you taking the time to consider to consider the points made.  

      The brain is such an important organ in the human body.  Unfortunately, we don’t even think about it until something goes wrong. But we maintain our automobiles, giving them regular tune-ups to be sure they run well.  We owe as much to our brain and our bodies.

      Thanks for your comments.

      V. Pearl

  6. Hi Vanna,

    Great post on exercising the brain and improving brain health. I take Omega 3 to help with this, what I also find helps is reading and playing different types of board and card games.

    Do you have any games you can recommend that also give the brain a good workout?

    On a slight side note, I look at the benefits of healthy testosterone levels and of them is improved memory.


    1. Hello Nate,

      Thank you for your comments on How To Exercise Your Brain And Enjoy A Better Life. Sorry I’m just a little bit tardy getting back to you do to Thanksgiving. But yes, Omega 3 fatty acids were mentioned in the article. “OILY FISH / SALMON – The fact is our bodies cannot produce the essential fatty acids and must get them through our diets. Oily fish is said to be the best source of effective omega-3 fats. A few others are trout, mackerel, and sardines.”

      Here are two sources to get ideas for games to exercise the brain. Hope this helps. WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING YOUR MIND VIDEO and

      All the best,

      V. Pearl

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