Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

Have you been pushed around long enough? Are you ready to be your own boss yet?  If your answer is yes, first you must decide that you will not remain where you are.  Second you must take the first step to make the change.

Did you know that research and statistics shows blood pressures go higher and people have more heart attacks on Mondays.  According to a study published in the American Heart journal it is true. People are more likely to suffer a heart attack on Monday’s than other days in the week.  Further, many other studies concluded that deaths from heart attacks follow a similar pattern.  On the other hand such incidents decrease during holidays and weekends.

Why Should I Want To Be My Own Boss

I will always remember how it was for me when I commuted back and forth to work.  On Sunday evening you start to tense up and prepare for work on Monday.  Monday morning everyone is rushing and stressing to get to where they have to be on time.  There’s no time for nutrition, just coffee and maybe sugary juice and/or cereal or snacks.  Sometimes nothing at all until you get to the office for coffee and donuts.

I am a homemaker who enjoy cooking and baking for my family and I hated that atmosphere in my home on weekday mornings.  Then most people have to deal with some amount of rush hour traffic or crowed commuter trains to reach their destination.  Rush hour traffic and crowed trains both come with their own dangers and challenges.  If you get past all the travel hurdles to reach the office safely, office bullies and politics might come together with the work you are hired to do.  It becomes a question of whether you are the hunter of the prey.

Office Politics

Research and studies show overwhelmingly that the leading cause of stress to American adults is that caused on the job.  Workers today have little or no control with more and more work and demands placed on them.  It has been proven to be associated with higher rates of heart attack and hypertension among other disorders. Any police officer who has a heart attack or suffers from hypertension in large cities like Los Angeles and New York is compensated for it.  The municipalities automatically assume that it is work related whether it’s on duty or off duty.

The individual factor plays into the equation.  Some employees are able to handle things better than others without being as stressed out.  Handling all the required paperwork might be a stress factor for one police officer,  while another one might prefer it to being on the street.

Employees can no longer go to work and do a good job, be dependable, and get a promotion.  That ladder no long exists.  Now you have to be willing to kiss up to the boss as well as other power hungry peers who know the art of office networking and bullying.  The office power brokers are not necessarily the better workers but do know how to kiss up where they need to and do whatever it takes.

Pressure And Guilt At Home

You sacrifice family time to work late at the office, then you bring work home with you to miss even more time with your family.  A survey was done of 1800 people and approximately half reported bringing bring work home. That same group admitted that work pattern caused problems in their relationships.

So even if you are one of the office power brokers who get the promotions and raises, you still have anxiety and guilt with family and personal relationships.  This is considered to be the stress of higher status plus all of the other stresses you had before.  Once you are a top executive in a company these days you are always connected and responsible to the job.  You must be reachable on your mobile phone or some other device at all times.  You still don’t make your own schedule and in many cases have less freedom than before you became “successful”.

That can lead to depression, anger, and even dependency on alcohol and/or drugs.  Some men miss the birth of their children and their growing up because of work.  Also to be fair mothers in the office now have to do the same work and extended schedules.  The children will suffer unless there is back-up in the home.  Where does it end and is this the American dream so many people strive for?

Fear And Obligation

People stay on jobs they don’t like, or maybe even hate.  It could be for fear of change, obligation to your family, or fear of having to go back to school.  Sometimes you hate the job but the pay is good so you stay.

It’s normal to fear change and be insecure about new surroundings, new people and a new job.  The children will miss friends, their school and the neighbors.

Your family’s financial needs are high on the list of reasons not to leave.  If you don’t have savings to back you up you are depending on that regular paycheck.  It would not be wise, in that case, to just walk away from the job you hate, but you could plan to make a change gradually.

You might need to learn new skills and that can certainly be scary after 20 years or whatever your case might be. Going back to class, learning new technology and trying to retain it is a challenge. Then to be tested and graded on what you’ve learned can be un-nerving to say the least. So we continue to try and fight the good fight until one day something happens to turn your life upside down.

If Not Now When?

I continued working outside the home long past the time I had planned to.  My plan was to work for a short time to help with bills and expenses but I kept going after things were caught up.  I told myself I needed to work and save money so we would not be in such a tight spot again.  There was always an excuse even though I knew I should be home with the children.

Unfortunately sometimes tragedy happens.  Acts of nature that might destroy your home and everything you’ve worked so hard for. There might be hospital bills and loss of income.  Often times there is even a death in the family as it was with me.  It forces people to rethink their approach to work.  It might also be caused by a serious threat of separation or divorce from one spouse to the other for loss of companionship.

I needed to go back to work after the death of my husband but was met with age discrimination.  It’s very easy to become depressed and want to give up.  Yes it is illegal but you have to prove it and that’s very difficult to do.  They are too clever to say you’re qualified but was not chosen because of your age.

Could this be you feeling depressed and like you’re no longer needed or wanted?  Do you feel like you still have a lot more living to do and are not ready to throw in the towel?  If that’s you I have information that may change your life, if you let it.  Opportunity might knock all day but you must take action for anything to happen.

I have tried and failed at online business before.  It was very difficult to convince me to try again.   The Wealthy Affiliate training was recommended by someone I’ve known for almost 25 years and trust with my life.  I knew in my heart they would not mislead me and definitely had nothing to gain.  I finally agreed to proceed with the free trial and free website to get a good look at the program.

I took full advantage of the program for that first week to prove or disprove everything to myself. I convinced myself that the program seemed legitimate and different and better than anything I experienced before. There is a community of caring professionals and ambassadors that are ready and willing and happy to help. They are available at all times to assist with any question or challenge you might have on any subject.

Please don’t concern yourself with age or how little you think you know about affiliate marketing or any of the excuses that will hinder you from moving forward.  I’m here to assure you that if I can do this you can do it too.  Everything at your own pace, whatever hour of the day or night that’s convenient for you. All you need to do is click on the little square below. One click will open up a whole new world for your family.  Don’t continue watching others succeed from the sideline while you make excuses for yourself.  You already know that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Don’t look back once you begin, keep going step by step to a better life.  A life where you can earn passive income to travel, renovate your home, help your children and grandchildren, buy a new vehicle.  Most importantly you will have the freedom to do whatever you choose, even if it’s nothing sometimes.



                 OR THIS

I have shared information with you according to my own personal experience.  Now it is all up to you to decide if you deserve to be happy.  Just take the first step.

I welcome all comments and questions, they’re all appreciated.


14 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

  1. Hi!
    What a well written and powerfully motivating article. If this doesn’t give someone the courage to make a change in their life nothing will!
    Thanks for providing information about an alternative to the rat race.
    All the best.

    1. Thank you Kyle Ann, you’re the best. I appreciate your comments. My challenge is to have the information seen by the people who need it. Enjoy your day!

      Please don’t forget to encourage someone today!
      Vanna Pearl

  2. Hi Vanna,
    That’s a well written and thought provoking post.
    I couldn’t agree more with what you write.
    I used to work in a 9-5 job where the only way to move up the ladder was to kiss up to the boss which I wasn’t prepared to do.
    It does take a toll and you do end up taking your work home with you and it affects your family also.
    I went self-employed 7 years ago and I’ve never been happier. I don’t answer to anyone and I can take time to spend with my kids when needed without having to ask permission.
    It’s also given me the chance to start my own website in the last year to hopefully help me and my family out even more.
    Thanks for a great post.
    Best wishes,

    1. Michael thank you for those great comments. I’m hoping somehow to reach a few of those who are still struggling through the rat race afraid or unable to make a change. It is not easy for parents who need the steady income to support their families. Sometime you just have to squeeze in a little time to take that first step.
      When it comes to my garden and the yard my brother reminds me to do a little each day until the task is finished. One of the greatest perks of self-employment for me is the freedom; my prerogative to decide when, what and how much I need to do or not do. I wish you much success Michael.

      Please remember to encourage someone today!
      Vanna Pearl

  3. Hi Vanna

    Thank you for this post I totally agreed with the stress and tension one feels. Especially on the Sunday evening knowing you have to get up and get ready for the JOB (just over broke) 9-5. No to mention being stuck in traffic just to add further to the stress.

    That is why I love working from home. If gives you the freedom to work your own hours, be with family and even if needed have a bit of a longer break without anyone yelling at work to get back to work.

    I really enjoyed reading this and is a good reminder to many how important it is to do what you love rather than just going through the motions many do now.

    Can’t wait to read more on what you have to offer.

    Thank you


    1. Thank you so much for your comments Andre. I’m working on the second post now hoping it will inspire someone.

      For me it was a big leap of faith taking that first step but I won’t look back. Just thinking about the traffic jams, road rage, and angry unreasonable bosses is enough to push me forward.

      Please remember to encourge someone today!
      Vanna Pearl

  4. Too many people are stuck in a rut and it can be scary to make a big lifestyle change. I am a member of WA and I haven’t looked back. I can’t wait to be making a passive income online and I know it is achievable with a lot of hard work and patience.

    1. Thank you Helen for your comments. I’m glad you’re with WA and I wish you success. It was a big step for me but I was almost pushed into it. Sort of like sink or swim. I’m glad to say I’m swimming and trying to get the word out to others.

      Please remember to encourage someone today!
      Vanna Pearl

  5. This is a great post and I have to agree that age discrimination is alive and kicking in Australia. I have been looking for a job for 5 years now and I constantly get knocked back because of my age.
    Wealthy Affiliate has opened doors for me.
    Cheers from Coucka

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment Coucka. I understand age discrimination all too well and speak from personal experience. Be blessed and much success to you in all your endeavors.

      Please remember to encourage someone today!
      Vanna Pearl

  6. You are preaching to the choir haha..
    People can sometimes be horrible when it comes to working in a repetitive environment.

    I agree with you that online marketing is a much better option and from being with Wealthy Affiliate for only a few weeks I can say they are really good!

    1. Thank you Ian for your comments. I know how I felt and I’m hoping this blog will help someone else make a decision sooner. There is nothing like having the freedom and control of your own life. I wish you all the success you’re striving for.

      Please don’t forget to encourage someone today!
      Vanna Pearl

  7. Your paragraphs on office politics really resonated with me. It was a key driver in me making the decision a few years back to take charge of my own destiny as well.
    I am also a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate so I can certainly vouch for what you say.
    We’re definitely in the right place at the right time here.
    Onwards and upwards!

    1. Thank you Richard for taking the time to comment on this article. My hope is to encourage someone else to take a bold step toward being in control of their own life.

      It doesn’t matter to me how much work I need to do to reach my goal, I decide when, where, what time and how much. There is no one standing around checking their watch for me to finish or when to go out or when to come in. All the best to you Richard.

      Please remember to encourage someone today!

      Vanna Pearl

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