How To Change Your Life After 50 – I Hope You Dance


About five or six years ago I became familiar with the song “I Hope You Dance”. I was captivated by the lyrics and kept signing the song over and over for days. A friend had the song on cd and made a copy for me. Then I listened to it every time I got in my car. Below are some of the lyrics. Click for the full song if you care to listen.

“I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
And never settle for the path of least resistance
Living might mean taking chances but they’re worth taking
Loving might be a mistake but it’s worth the making”
Time is a wheel in constant motion
Always rolling us along
Tell me who wants to look back over their years and wonder where those years have gone”

Are you still a wallflower

Are you still a wallflower holding up the wall while everyone else is dancing and having fun? As a teenager I would sit and stand around watching others dance because I didn’t dance very well. I confided in an older lady who lived next door and she taught me to dance. I reached out, got help and enjoyed dancing from then on.
The moral of the story of the song is, if you have the choice whether to sit life out or get in there and have an adventure, have the adventure, ask for help, take a chance and live. Some are disabled and wish they could but can’t.  You can and won’t.  How sad is that?

Today is the day to leave the sidelines – get involved and take control of your life.

On my birthday in July, 2017 my thoughts were focused on the fact that I was considered a senior citizen and still working. It doesn’t matter how young at heart you are or how physically fit you feel, in the job market you are looked upon differently.

I had already been retired but life happened and I was forced to go back to work. The job was good enough. I enjoyed the convenience of working from home as an employee of a reputable company. The pay was decent and I was okay for the first three years.

Fortunately (because it pushed me forward) for me the job evolved into something that was no longer for me. I forced myself to stay for several months longer than I wanted. Finally I could no longer tolerate the unreasonable additional demands and time restrictions placed on the work at home team.

Wealthy Affiliate To The Rescue

By that time I had already become a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate. I kept reminding myself every day that I deserved better than the way we were being pressured like robots on that job.

Wealthy Affiliate seemed like just what I needed to create the freedom and lifestyle I dreamed of. So based on the faith I have in my creator and in myself, I made the decision to resign from the job just before my birthday July, 2018.
I signed up with WA in April, 2018 but didn’t do much with it until about the middle of August, 2018. Now that I am giving my business the attention it needs I can see the progress. I was right there where you are and now I’m here writing this blog to you.

I’m now ready to promote the WA program to others. To accommodate that, I just started a second website last week with the proper niche for promoting Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing. I even created my own custom header for the new site.

We invite you to get off the bench, put your grown people pants on and have an adventure. If you fall down, so what. Have a good laugh or cry and get back up and keep having fun.
Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way!

Your comments and questions are welcomed.  I’m always glad to respond.



Please remember to encourage someone today!
Vanna Pearl

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